About the shop

SocialXChange – more than a charity shop

The program is a tool for management and allocation of resources of the 6th District community, fostering social cohesion, involvement and empowerment. SocialXChange starts from the concept that human and material resources must be used effectively to build a strong community.

The following concepts underlying this program:

SUBSISTENCE: for those with minimal material resources, SocialXChange is a system through which they can obtain primarily food and hygiene products, thus ensuring real and urgent needs of food and life.

SAVING: SocialXChange program is a tool for effective management of important community resources, which we tend to waste, harming the environment.

RESPONSIBILITY: its viewed from two perspectives – one perspective is to empower all members of the community on the management of human and material resources, and on the other hand – for the deprived persons, the access to the shop products is allowed only after providing community work, this way, making them more responsible about their own existence and also about the family existence.

DIGNITY: lack of self-esteem, lack of motivation, social and moral decay are phenomena that affect, on the long run, every individual that came to live on charity. Our project supports social inclusion and personal involvement in overcoming a temporarily bad situation.

STIMULATION: in exchange of donated products, donors receive POINTS, that they can use to acquire various services for them, their family or employees, thus stimulate an active social life within the community.

INVOLVEMENT: 6th District community has a tool that stimulates charity and promotes work in exchange of received goods. By accessing the system – all the members of the community – individuals (regardless of the social status), companies, institutions, NGOs – engage directly and actively in creating a strong community, inclusive and healthy.

EQUITY: the program fights against the practices of taking advantage of peers goodness and the public welfare. Those who want help, and have the capacity to work – have to work for the help received.

TRANSPARENCY: the points system that we use, evaluating products within a committee and according to well-defined rules, equitable distribution, lack of money in the whole process generates a sense of trust and professionalism.

INTEGRATION: to the distribution program have access the socially disadvantaged individuals, who receive constant advice and support to overcome the crisis and finding a stable job in the real economy.

COHESION: the program fosters charitable acts, public-private partnerships, the feeling of belonging to a community.

ECOLOGY: throwing less is to breathe cleaner air, live longer and healthier. The behaviour of large companies and individuals to destroy or throw food, which doesn't meet anymore the marketing strategies is proving to be extremely harmful to the environment, effective management of resources being an important part of environmental part of this project.

Program objectives:

The main objective of this project is to provide both donors, regardless of their turnover, and beneficiaries of social care services a way to become socially responsible. These charity acts are encouraged to increase social cohesion and prevent exclusion, increasing social inclusion of individuals in difficulty, in the 6th District community.

A: COLLECTING: the products that community members no longer need are collected in an accessible, known to all point, after clear procedures throughout the year.

B: DISTRIBUTION: in this process, the disadvantaged individuals, with insufficient financial resources, have access to prooducts, primarily basic necessities, upon which depends their short term survival.